#ddjcamp – data driven training for young journos in Berlin

What is #ddjcamp?
Since we are data-journalists ourselves, we know how hard it is to start a real project since you need so many tools and knowledge at once. So we decided to bring all the knowledge together and introduce the tools step by step.

At our training, we bring together 60 young media-makers, designers, developers and experts on human rights. They came from 11 countries to Berlin and will work together covering different aspects of migration this week.

Our training will last for 9 days and will go through all steps of the data pipeline: from finding and analyzing data to storytelling with data and visualization techniques.

Mornings are packed with the input from our trainers: overviews of data portals, live demos, introduction to data tools… Afternoons are open for the input from participants: they work in teams on their own projects trying to make sense of data that is out there or to get the data that is not there at all.