Long Bio

I have several hats, and sometimes I even combine them. But let’s start ab ovo:


Grown up in Zhukovsky , a city of 100 000 people, situated 35 km from Moscow. Its name comes from the pioneer of aero- and hydrodynamics Nicolay Zhukovsky, and not just by coincidence: the city grew around a Gromov Flight Research Institute and Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, two major facilities involved in testing and designing aircraft. That’s why the majority of the streets bear the names of aviation engineers and pilots. For instance, I grew up on Gagarina street.

As a child, I joined a club of young journalists ‘The Red Cat’. My first articles were publsihed in an annex to the weekly newspaper ‘Zhukovskie Vesti’. Later at my school, I organized a newspaper and was its first editor-in-chief.


traditional tea&talks at ‘The Ginger Cat’ club


My dream came true – I entered Lomonosov Moscow State University, the faculty of journalism. During my studies, I wrote as a freelancer for various newspapers and websites and had internships at radio station ‘Ekho Moskvy’ and human rights center ‘Memorial’. I have also studied at a joint program on Journalism Web and Multimedia by MSU and CFPJ in Paris and had an internship at ‘Ouest France’ in Rennes. I graduated with a Thesis about the freedom of speech in Russia according to European indicators and a degree in International Journalism.


checking photos&cameras with Dung Vo Trung at CFPJ


I joined NTV Channel Russia which had a strong tradition of independent reporting at the time. I grew up from administrator of the camera crew to the international producer of weekly infotainment political show and monthly sci-pop show. I learned a lot from my famous and not so famous but not less great colleagues, and I will be always thankful to Pavel Lobkov for making a journalist out of me. A highlight of that time: we were making a serious documentary about lesbians, gays and transsexual people. Part of it was running/calling around Moscow and trying to find the transgenders for our research. They are a very closed community. They were hiding their new identity from their families, and their previous one from their colleagues. We had 15 people in the end, and we took their saliva for genetic analysis. And you know what, one of those 15 had his chromosome as xxy, also known as  Klinefelter’s syndrome. I remember how it struck me in the newsroom.



helping our madonnari to finish the 3D painting for the sci-pop about optical illusions, NTV


I left for Europe to get a Master degree in Political Science. I had wonderful time studying in Germany, doing my Erazmus in Sweden and Internship in Belgium. I’ve met people from around the world and had lived, worked, shared so many things with them. I have also re-joined my professional community and took part in journalism conferences, workshops and projects. This is how I became interested in data journalsim and open data movement in general.


giving a talk on data journalism with Irina Radchenko & Nicolas Kayser-Bril at HSE-2015

Now I am open for new challenges. I would love to learn more, to change and to contribute with what I can. And even beyond!